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Dotnet SDK for OpenAI GTP-3 (Unofficial)


Install-Package Betalgo.OpenAI.GPT3

I was building an SDK for myself then I decide to share it, I hope it will be useful for you. I haven’t maintained any open source projects before. Any help would be much appreciated. I am open to suggestions If you would like to contribute somehow.

I will be using the latest libraries all the time (including dotnet 6). Also, next releasing will include breaking changes frequently (as I mentioned before I was building the SDK for myself. Unfortunately I do not have time to plan these changes and support lower version apps). So please be aware of that before starting to use the library.

As you can guess I do not accept any damage caused by use of the library. You are always free to use other libraries or OpenAI Web-API.

Sample Usages

The repository includes one sample project already “OpenAI.Playground” You can check playground project to see how I was testing it while I was developing the library. Be carefull while playing with it. Some test methods will delete your files or fine tunings. I would suggest to use different account than your main account while you use playground.

Using dependcy injection:


*(How to use user secret? => right click your project name in “solution explorer” then click “Manage User Secret”, it is a good way to keep your api keys) *

 "OpenAIServiceOptions": {
    //"ApiKey":"Your api key goes here"
    //,"Organization": "Your Organization Id goes here (optional)"



or use it like below but do NOT put your API key directly to your source code, you may expose your API key, which will cost you $$.


serviceCollection.AddOpenAIService(settings => { settings.ApiKey = "TEST"; });

After injecting your service you will be able to get it from service provider

var openAiService = serviceProvider.GetRequiredService<IOpenAIService>();

Without dependcy injection:

var openAiService = new OpenAIService(new OpenAiOptions()
    ApiKey = "MY_API_KEY"

You can set default engine(optional):


Completions Sample

var completionResult = await openAiService.Completions.Create(new CompletionCreateRequest()
  Prompt = "Once upon a time",
  MaxTokens = 5
}, Engines.Engine.Davinci);

if (completionResult.Successful)
  if (completionResult.Error == null)
    throw new Exception("Unknown Error");
  Console.WriteLine($"{completionResult.Error.Code}: {completionResult.Error.Message}");

Notes: I couldn’t find enough time to test all the methods or improve the documentation. My main target was to make fine-tuning available. If you hit any issue please report it or pull request always appreciated.